What are the opportunities for advancement at your job? You might find yourself in a position where you are simply waiting for the guy ahead of you to quit or die, and that's no place to be. It isn't just rising to second-in-command that can limit your opportunities. How do the powers that be view you? If they aren't fans, do you really think that a corner office is in the cards? Look at the people who get promoted. Are they being bumped up from within the company? How long are they expected to work there before they finally get their ticket punched? It is hard to be honest with yourself about advancement opportunities, especially early on in a job. The sooner you can take stock of what your future looks like at a company, the better off you'll be. The last thing you want is to work your ass off for years only to realize that all they can offer you is a pat on the back and a plaque in honor of your years of dedicated service.