The much anticipated MMO stand alone version of DayZ is the subject of many awkward youtube videos coming out of E3 this year. This open-world zombie survival game set in a post-everything Soviet state encourages players to team up and create new weapons and strategies for survival.

At it's best DayZ was demoed as a great way to keep your wardrobe in order. Developers showed off how to customize clothes and explained how, theoretically, you could build weapons but spent most of their time apologizing for bugs.

Fans of the original mod are left scratching their head why DayZ developer Bohemia would show a game with so many glitches and that plays so chunky.

"We really have to get the alpha out and get feedback" says Dean 'Rocket' Hall developer at Bohemia Interactive, "the best way to counter negative feedback is to produce a great alpha."

We'll have to wait for the alpha to see if DayZ can deliver but in the mean time, don't worry, you'll be able to customize your favorite motorcycle helmet.

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