Get your ass-eating jokes queued up, because thanks to one clever British chocolate maker, "Edible Anus" is a delectable treat that you can enjoy. The novelty treatswhich are shaped like an authentic posteriorcome three to a box in dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate flavors. No discrimination; there's something for everyone. The boxes are sold for $6.24 in Britain, but they can be shipped to the U.S. The edible chocolate anus is so popular that the company website was down due to the overwhelming response.

Considering that the company is also pushing coffee mugs and T-shirts bearing the image and a special edition anus of solid silver, it's safe to say they're in on the joke. Honestly, they might be trolling us all to great success. In a week that's revealed breast milk-flavored lollipops and edible anuses made of chocolate, we must remember to laugh at ourselves.

Lick or bite—it's your call.

[via The Huffington Post]