Yesterday, an appellate court reversed the decision of a Manhattan judge to take away W.i.P.'s liquor license. The nightclub found itself in the unwanted spotlight last June after Chris Brown and Drake's catfight damaged the venue and left other patrons—including San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker—injured.

Last November, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey revoked the club's liquor license, citing fights and alleged drug dealing. The appeals court decided that Geoffrey's decision “was not supported by substantial evidence.” Owner Barry Mullineaux pleaded with the court, saying he'd be out of business and all 300 of his employees would be unemployed if W.i.P.'s liquor license was not returned.

Officials fired back, claiming that the club had become "a drain on police resources and a danger to public health." The case was handed down to the lower court to determine "an appropriate penalty." While this might be considered a minor victory for the club, it's still facing several civil suits following last summer's ugly incident.

[via New York Post]

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