WeSC, the streetwear brand for “intellectual slackers” from Sweden, is set to launch its first premium headphone in Apple Stores in July. The Cymbal headphone was designed to fit into the essence of street culture that WeSc represents. It offers great high quality sound and functionality.

This stylish unisex headphone is offered in three different colors--back, hibiscus and white--laced with a signature gold trim and sports leather ear cups.

What makes the Cymbal so unique is its sharing capability. It's designed to allow multiple users to plug into one media device without sacrificing sound quality. The feature is known as ‘daisy-chaining.’ And unlike many headphones that rely on a  bass-heavy sound, the Cymbal’s 40mm drivers deliver quality sound with a 20-200 000 Hz frequency range. It also has Apple 3-touch technology that gives users a hands-free mic and volume control option.

“Apple is always at the forefront of technology and is the perfect partner to launch the Cymbal headphone,” said WeSC CEO and co-founder GregeHagelin.

The Cymbal release will focus on the top U.S. and Canadian Apple stores for the July launch and then expand to other top-tier retailers in the following months.

The Cymbal will be available July 2013 and retail for $120.