Looks like Apple has a lot of things in the mix when it comes to iOS 7. 

Hamza Sood, an iPhone tester with iOS 7 beta installed, was able to extract a secret menu, along with Springboard's internal settings, from within iOS's guts. What these options reveal is that Apple is testing edge-swipe and corner-swipe gestures, which would pump up the ability to switch between apps quickly. Also, it looks like Apple is finally testing the ability to hide pre-installed apps, with the option of placing folders within folders (infoldception, if you will), where you will be able to pinch the screen to close these folders quickly.

Other hidden features that Sood was able to pull up are tweaking blur effects, coloring and the speed of animations. Yet, these are hidden features that Sood was only able to pull up with a little tweaking of the system (unless he was given a very unique version), so a lot of these features probably won't show up in the final version of iOS 7. Though, it's interesting to see the things they're testing, no?