True Blood is finally back tonight after almost a year-long hiatus. It's also the first season without series creator and showrunner Alan Ball—and it looks like his, replacement, Brian Buckner is going the Game of Thrones route.

"It is quite literally a blood bath and everyone is literally running for their lives. It was the terrifying thing this year getting each script and going 'Oh god, who’s going to go?'" said Lauren Bowles, who plays Holly. "You got nervous before you got every script, because at any point it could be you. They really I think get a little Game of Thrones-y this year with who’s going and it’s certainly not going to be a boring ride."

Well, we're pretty sure no one has ever accused True Blood of being boring. There's a rumor that Eric (Alexander Skarsgaard) is going to be the one to go, but we refuse to believe it. Take Bill (Stephen Moyer) instead! How else are they going to get rid of Billith?

True Blood season six premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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[via EW]