Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you leave the house? Does he sleep well or does he roam around at night? How active is your dog compared to the bulldog that lives next door?

Well a San Francisco-based start-up, Whistle, was wondering the same thing. Whistle recently developed a dog collar that tracks your dog’s activity and relays it to your iPhone. An Android version is reportedly coming soon.

It’s pretty simple how the collar works. An accelerometer consistently collects data from your dog’s movements. The collar can distinguish between activities such as running, walking or playing and reports what is considered an average day of activity for your dog. You can also compare your dog’s level of activity to other dogs of the same age, breed and weight. There is even a photo sharing capability that allows you to send cute pictures of your dog to your friends.

The goal of the collar is to let owners know more detailed information on their dog so they can be prepared and aware of any health problems. The Collar goes for $99.95. Stay tuned for more products from Whistle such as a nutrition-based tool and a possible collar for cats.

[via HuffPo]