Crowded apartments with noisy neighbors are par for the course in the city. You'll likely have an opera singer living below you and a group of reggaeton loving barbacks living above you who seem to arrange their schedules perfectly so you can never have a moment's peace. If not, there will be something, whether it be a construction crew or a filthy subletter, to make sure you can get nothing done in your apartment. The workforce in the city deals with this by staking claim to a table in the local coffee shop. Some coffee shops will feel like little more than co-working spaces, filled with busy freelancers who glare at you if you order your iced coffee too loudly. Some places will even charge customers an hourly rate in addition to their coffee due to the excess of writerly freeloaders. Your local coffee shop will be your second home, so make sure you remember to tip your favorite barista. If it is the sort of place that sells beer and wine after the working day is done, you may never have to go back to your apartment again.