The picture above is from a speakeasy that briefly made its home in an abandoned water tower. When New Yorkers found out about it, they didn't bat an eye, they simply proceeded to tell the person who told them about the crazier places they've partied before. For urbanites, the Stefon sketches from SNL don't sound that crazy, they are actually only light satire. We have to confess, there have been a few times that we have listened to Bill Hader's descriptions of New York's hottest spots and thought, "that sounds familiar." Nightlife in the city is an arms race, a never-ending competition to put on the craziest parties in the most ridiculous venues. Even if you aren't much of a partier, there will be at least one night where you find yourself at a rager staged in a jungle gym built to look like a set from the movie Hook and have no idea how you got there. In fact, not only will you not know how you got there, but if you tried to find the place again, you would have no idea how to get back.