So, you've decided to pack up and move to the city. Whether this came about because of college graduation, your job finally transferring you to corporate headquarters, or you deciding to get off of Mom and Dad's couch, here you are. You're going to undergo many changes over the next year or so. No, not puberty level changes, but close.

After a couple of years here, you'll head back to your podunk town or slightly less podunk suburb for the holidays, and your old friends will barely recognize you. You'll dress cooler, you'll have a cultured air about you, and your eyes will have deep circles under them because you've been working three jobs to make ends meet, then drinking the pain away. You'll eat brunch, not breakfast. You'll prefer Thai food to Chinese, and you'll probably die a little inside as you slowly gain a real sense of the economic disparity in this country.

Sure, not all of the changes will be for the better, but you already put down that security deposit, so it's too late now. Chin up—at least there will be plenty of events with complimentary booze along the way. These are the 25 Things You Start Doing When You Move to A City.

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