Shark week arrived early for Tom Roston, Jr. Although he's one of those crazy dudes who goes looking for sharks, he didn't plan on nearly coming face-to-face with one. Earlier this week, he and a friend were on the Manasquan River in New Jersey when an 8-foot, 4-inch, 300-pound mako shark jumped into his boat and tried to eat it.

“It was epic. He back flipped right in,” said Roston's friend Clint Simek. The two were looking for good fishing spots for upcoming fishing tournaments and ended up inadvertently catching a beast. "At first we were in shock when he was in the boat. Then he started thrashing and we were like ‘Oh My God, we have a big problem, this thing is going to eat us,’” Roston added.

Luckily, they ended up dominating the shark and living to tell about it.

[via Gothamist]