Nintendo put out an official reveal trailer for their Wind Waker HD redux this week, and the first gameplay footage looks promising. This is, more or less, the same game as the original Gamecube version that debuted in 2002.

The big difference here, aside from the overall HD overhaul for this Wii U edition, is that Link and pals look a little bit different visually, somewhat trading the stylishly flat cartoon aesthetic for one that looks little closer to what Zelda might look like if Nintendo decided to make it a CG TV show.

The graphics are noticeably more ‘toony than during Nintendo’s initial reveal back in January, when the world had so much bloom characters bore more resemblance to vinyl figurines than animated creations but hopefully they’ll tweak it just a hair more before release. Other notable changes: you can now sail quickly, which is thankfully optional. That said, Wind Waker certainly pops in high-def, and doesn’t seem to have lost any of its quirky personality. Watch for this one later this year after watching the trailer below.

via Nintendo