Although NBA Live for the Sega Genesis continued in its 2D, sprite-filled way through NBA Live 98, 1995 brought three dimensions to the PC and Playstation in the form of what the game called "Virtual Stadiums." What was a little odd, though, was that the player models remained 2D sprites placed onto the 3D arena floors-think more Doom than Quake, basically. The result for PlayStation is a hybrid game that begins to treat the space on the floor a little more dynamically (including having animated play diagrams and on-the-fly playcalling), but relies a little too much on showing off its 3D-ness with a motion-sickness inducing dynamic camera. It probably looked real cool back in the day, but time and handfuls of Dramamine have taught us that more or less stable cameras are the way to go. Oh and Dennis Rodman has green hair.