After giving ground to 2K for a couple of years, Electronic Arts managed to temporarily turn the tables on their competitor in 2002 by introducing Freestyle Control, a mechanism that allowed you an unprecedented level of control over your player on the court. On offense, moving the right stick in different ways would let you execute different hesitations, crossovers and behind-the-back moves while on defense, it would allow you to control where your arms went. This was in fact so cool that years and year later, NBA 2K would steal the idea back for the Control Stick in NBA 2K13. Unfortunately for Live, though, there were still a lot of issues with AI and basic things like rebounding and the sensation that the players were skating across the court. Increasingly, the brand focused on integrating cultural elements like custom and authentic sneakers and hip-hop tracks into the product. While this garnered them a casual fanbase, the dedicated basketball players flocked to NBA 2K, eventually leading to the debacle that was the cancellation of NBA Elite 11-and effectively the Live brand-in 2010. NBA Live is promising a resurrection on the next generation of consoles. I'll believe it when I see it.