The thing I love most about this game is how they gave one of the most buttoned-up, normal-seeming superstars in the NBA a game with the most buttoned-up name I can think of. Sadly, there was no hidden mode where you got to go through confirmation hearings. Instead, you got an isometric-view vision of the hardwood and what looks to be the first player lock mode in a basketball video game. Termed "roleplaying mode" in Mr. Robinson's neighborhood, the mode had you controlling one player for the whole game, a harbinger of modes like My Player/My Career in later NBA 2K games. Now, how much fun this was is probably up for debate. Without a pretty robust playcalling system, there's limited fun to be had in playing just one player, unless you're Michael Jordan, who's not in this game, because there are no real NBA teams. But who needs his Airness when you can be "Air" Allnite?