Bad news for fans of The Borgias: According to Deadline, Showtime has officially announced that the current third season of the series will be its last. 

This news is somewhat surprising, considering that ratings for the show have been good—it averages about 2.4 million viewers per episode, which is on par with last season—and creator Neil Jordan originally envisioned the series to run for four seasons total.

But, according to Jordan himself, during the filming of the third season finale, star Jeremy Irons commented that a pivotal scene in the episode felt "like the end of something, that the family has come to an end." Apparently, Jordan wasn't sure if he had enough material for a fourth season, so he approached Showtime with the suggestion of finishing the show with a two-hour film. "When they looked at what it could cost, it was just too expensive...Sadly, that’s what happened. I would have loved to bring all the characters to a conclusion. All of the actors were heartbroken we couldn’t continue, and so was I."

As for how Jordan actually wanted the series to end, he explained to Deadline: 

As for how Jordan envisioned The Borgias to end, “I wanted a totally biblical ending, for the pope to burn in hell,” he said. That is how he wrote the proposed two-hour finale, with the pope dying and no one willing to hear his confession. When they finally find a confessor and the pope starts to repent his sins, the confessor interrupts him, saying, “I’m sorry, it’s too late, you’re already dead and burning in hell.” “This satisfies all moral feelings about the pope,” Jordan said. He is now returning to movies, keeping up hope he could still make the proposed Borgias two-hour finale, maybe as a feature.

The series finale of The Borgias will air on June 16th.

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[via Deadline]