Year: 1998

At this point, is there anyone who has a good word to say about the BCS? The oft-criticized bowl selection system has been a punching bag for fans, coaches and media alike since its inception in 1998. Driven by a computer-generated, polling formula, the BCS has often failed to create a fair and satisfying result for teams and fans, notably because of the system's inability to accommodate more than two teams of equal win-loss records. Even President Obama had beef with the system, saying in 2008, "I think any sensible person would say that if you've got a bunch of teams who play throughout the season and many of them have one loss or two losses [and] there's no clear decisive winner, that we should be creating a playoff system." Thankfully, college ball will be rolling out their College Football Playoff format for the 2014 season. This just goes to show that computers aren't as smart as we think.