Who do you blame for a Twitter hack? Is it Twitter's fault for having terrible security on their accounts or the user's fault for creating a simple password? In the case of Burger King's and Jeep's Twitters being hacked, the companies might argue both. The popular burger franchise was victim to an unwanted makeover. Hackers changed the account to McDonald's and added a new bio that stated, "Just got sold to McDonalds because the whopper flopped =[ FREDOM IS FAILURE." This was followed by a string of fake tweets about employees doing drugs, not too mention a shout out to other Hacktivists on Twitter.

Jeep got hacked the day after with similar tweets. This caused suspicion that the same people infiltrated both accounts. One follower tweeted, "Does @BurgerKing have any advice for Jeep?" And the Jeep Twitter hackers were quick to retweet it.

Might we suggest a new password, guys.