Since we last reported on Sean Furythe self-proclaimed "Master of Mood Music" and undiscovered YouTube talenthis body of work has nearly doubled. It's a wonder this dude's career hasn't taken off yet (only 167 Likes on his Facebook page, really?). For those unfamiliar with Fury's gifts, he's something of a genre-bending artist (not too mention a pop-locking virtuoso). His catalog of music, which spans R&B, hip-hop and country, examines the most pressing issues of the day: racism, love and the struggle with identity. He really is an artist for all time. What follows is a collection of the singer's greatest hitseach song more impressive than the last. 

We've said it once before, but it bears repeating: there is only one Sean Fury; accept no substitutes.

For more, visit Fury's artist page here and check out his entire catalog on YouTube.

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