Comedy is a scary thing—that's why a lot of performers seem to flock together. If you bomb, everyone's with you. There's something to be said about the makeshift sense of family they've created for themselves. In fact, it's kind of cliquey, like high school, except these people are actually fun to be around.

You've got your crew of SNL veterans, the Mel Brooks troupe, and most prominently today, the performers who you came up under Judd Apatow. Comprised of Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, among others, we watched most of them grow together since their Freaks and Geeks days, and slowly adopt other comedians into their group.

It's comforting for audiences to see people who care about each other have fun together, so we're pumped they're probably going to end up turning on each other in This Is the End. Apocalypses either make or break a friendship. Inspiring! Check out our other favorite all-stars being BFFs onscreen.

Also check out this funny video from Complex TV of Franco and Rogen as rapping polar bears.