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The American Civil Liberties Union recently did a study about marijuana arrests in all fifty states and Washington, D.C. that yielded some not-so-surprising results. While marijuana use between blacks and whites is about even, blacks were almost four times more likely to get arrested for possession in 2010. In D.C., Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa, the rate rose to 7.5 to 8.5 percent. 

Furthermore, it isn't as if the people being arrested were carrying large amounts of marijuana. More than half of the arrests are for small amounts of weed. The Huffington Post noted that having a black president "hasn't eased the racial disparity" or marijuana arrests, as if President Obama is personally responsible. The New York Times claims that the arrest rate for marijuana possession is three times higher than it was when George W. Bush was in office.

People seem to forget that President Obama isn't riding shotgun in an NYPD squad car performing stop-and-frisks. However, resources (time and money) are being wasted busting people for possession of small amounts of marijuana. It shouldn't shock anyone that blacks are more likely to get arrested for possession, as the war on drugs has become a war on class.

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