Pebble, the Kickstarter-funded smartwatch, has pretty much taken the market since it was released. With Apple's own iWatch reportedly on the horizon, Sony doesn't want you to forget that they have their own smartwatch, and it seems they may have given it a little update to compete with its new rivals.

Sony sent out a tweet with the hashtag "#itstime" and "#MAE2013" on the Sony Xperia Twitter feed, along with pictures of past editions of the SmartWatch, the most recent version being from 2012. One tweet was sent with the caption, "Tock-tock, tick-tock." It seems to point to the possibility that the company will debut an updated SmartWatch at the Mobile Asia Expo (MAE) next week in Shanghai. 

Who will win the smartwatch wars: Pebble, Sony, or Apple? Would you buy a smartwatch?

[via The Verge]