A lot happened last week on Mad Men, but one of the most memorable and surprising plotlines was when sweet Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka) decided to go all rebellious teenager and spend a test weekend at a boarding school in Connecticut where lived her life like an episode of Gossip Girl: There was lots of drinking,  she maybe smoked some pot (that wasn't too clear), and she watched elatedly as two boys fought over her. Then, when Betty (January Jones) is driving her home, the two share a cigaretteSally, because she's jaded now and jaded people smoke cigarettes, and Betty because she's trying to be the cool mom from Mean Girls

Anyway, though Sally's transformation is fairly shocking, it's not really unexpected if you think about it; Her life has been falling apart for years. Her mother is cold, uncaring, and her father, well...he's Don Draper (Jon Hamm). She's young, and unsure of how to deal with everything, you can't blame the girl for acting out. In an effort to get some more insight into what exactly is going through Sally's head, Vulture spoke with Shipka about the most recent episode—and what to expect in Sally's future. Some tidbits:

Matthew Weiner recently said that Sally has inherited lots of problems. “I predict smoking. I predict alcoholism.” In Sunday’s episode, she tried both, and that freaked me out. How about you?
I don’t want to pick a favorite episode, but I had so much fun doing that one. Matt talked to me a little about it beforehand, but I got the idea that this was a big deal for Sally just from reading the script. I kind of predicted it for her, especially given what happened in the episode before. But I was also still shocked. I’ve grown up with Sally, viewers have watched her grow, so seeing her take her first drink is really shocking. It’s like a milestone for her. It’s crazy. [...]

What state do you think we’re going to find Sally in next season?
Next season I sort of see Sally in that downward spiral. There’s not much room for her to go back up. A lot of people thought through seasons past that she’d hit her bottom, but now is truly where she’s going to get herself into trouble. I hope so. It would be really fun. It’d be awesome.

She can no longer roll her eyes:

So you don’t roll your eyes as much?
My eyes, by the end of this season, were so rolled out. I couldn’t move them! I was afraid they were going to freeze like that some times. Literally every scene I had to do at least three eye rolls. I’m getting so good at it now.

Also, she prefers French Fries over cigarettes, because she's smart:

What was it like having to smoke on-camera?
I had fun filming that scene, too. In the first car ride, I had lots of French fries, which was great. That was the highlight of the day, to be honest. I was pretty nervous to smoke. I’ve obviously never smoked before in my entire life, so it was sort of a thing that I had no clue how to do. [Laughs.] But I caught on. We did enough takes that by the end of it, I was like, Oh, I’m a pro at this now. I can do this. Everyone was all, “No, you’re not a pro at it quite yet.”

You can read Shipka's full interview here.

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[via Vulture]