Shinji Mikami is the father of hardcore survival horror.

He's the developer of some of the creepiest games of the last decade including Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. Mikami announced that The Evil Within will his be his last title before retirement.

This gameplay demo, released during Sony's E3 livecast earlier this week, shows Mikami's giving a terrifying gift to gaming. Get a glimpse into a twisted and possibly too-real world of murder and fear. The game resembles aspects of the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series in its grisly scenes and looming destruction but differs in having a dynamic randomness that means it'll never play the same way twice.

The main character, Seth, wakes up hanging from a meat hook, having to snatch a knife from a body hanging near to escape.

As a final game from the master of survival we can't wait to see where the dark path of The Evil Within takes us.

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