Ahh, summertime in the City. During these glorious months, New York comes alive and reaches the fullness of its vibrant beauty. You know, that timeless beauty you've seen immortalized in such films as Dog Day Afternoon and Do The Right Thing. Oh right, those movies make summer in New York look awful, because it is. Sure, you don't have to contend with quite as much arson, bank robbery, and race rioting as you had in the old days, but Gotham's warmest months are still pretty awful.

New York in the summer isn't all glamorous brunches and watching movies in the park. There are many awful aspects of summer in the city, including the extra influx of tourists shopping and eating at Bubba Gump instead of plopped down in front of the air conditioner at a Des Moines Cracker Barrell in their natural habitats. For those of you who think summer in New York City is more On the Town than Taxi Driver, here are 10 Reasons Summer in New York City is the Worst.