Our favorite bros are at it again. This time the Rap Genius trio are looking to employ a personal assistant. Translation: they're seeking a "Full Time Attache w/ Good Taste." 

You've gotta BE DOWN FOR WHATEVER -- whether it's something baller like picking up snapple or inserts at CVS for a famous rapper or as thankless as unboxing my shower stool ... Sometimes you'll have to look at a list of things (eg shower stools on amazon) and pick the best one even though all of them have mixed reviews so you must have good taste and the ability to make a tough call! ... Booking flights, setting up apartments, swirling the bottom of the pan w/ a thin coat of olive oil, etc, etc.. there's going to be a lot of emails.. and nothing will be explained in too much detail but you'll have to get all the details right anyway (and if you don't... more emails)

On the upside, it is a paid gig. Although $25/hour does seem pretty low. What's the going rate for indentured servitude these days?

Check out the listing here.

[via Valleywag]