If you haven't played the uber-violent, Drive-esque Hotline Miami – a game that doesn't pull its pull its punches if there ever was one – you're getting yet another chance: it's coming to PSN on Tuesday.

Aside from being a horrific love letter to all things neon and CRT-grainy, Hotline Miami's cynical expression of violence has an unnerving surreality that makes it feel like being on an unrepentant Speedball-PCP-fueled death frenzy. The PSN release also will net you a new mask, your source of power, that turns the color filter to strictly black-and-white, minus any day-glo text and the buckets of blood left in your wake. (Not to worry, all this casual sadism is done up in a pixellated, top-down perspective.)

$9.99 gets you both the PS3 and Vita versions. If you somehow haven't played this yet, get on it. And go watch the teaser to for the newly-announced sequel, too.

Via Playstation Blog