On June 12th, the guys who gave you Superbad and Pineapple Express will bring you This is the End, the most hilariously awesome take on the apocalypse you'll ever experience. 
But while you await the great day of judgment, there are plenty of fun things to do over at the This is the End site. There you'll find a photobomb app, which lets you insert the film's cast members into your existing photos. Insert Craig Robinson at your keg party, Danny McBride at your Bat Mitzvah, James Franco at your hamster's funeral. Good times.

There's also a righteously retro 16-Bit video game, Hollywood Hellfire, in which you can choose to be either Seth Rogen or Jay Baruchel as you wander around the literally blazing streets of Los Angeles in search of some very crucial end-of-the-world supplies. Check out the game above.

Just click here and select "Features" from the site menu to get started on all the fun. The end is near, so better do it quickly.