The Paula Deen controversy has understandably left a bad taste in the mouths of the public, because  people apparently aren't visiting her restaurant anymore. Deen's Savannah, Ga. restaurant The Lady and Sons is usually busy, but Eater sent a photographer there yesterday afternoon who said that it was pretty barren. Photographer Stephen Thurston said the restaurant's line is typically "several blocks long," even at mid-day. That conflicts with the New York Times' report that people are flocking to Deen's establishment in droves. Interesting.

Maybe Deen's apology for admitting to being a deep-fried racist didn't move people, or perhaps it moved them in the opposite direction. Nonchalant racism tends to make rational folk lose their appetites, you know? However, because this is 'merica, Deen still has her supporters: there's a "We support Paula Deen"  Facebook page with 231,000 likes and counting.

[via Eater]