During Microsoft's Build conference this week, they showcased a version of Windows 8.1 that ran two apps of big name companies that will make any Windows 8 user happy: Facebook and Flipboard.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer officially announced during Build that the apps would be coming to the updated OS, while Flipboard released a blog post and 9-second video showing how Flipboard will run on Windows 8.1, which you can check out above. The Flipboard app seems to work extremely well with 8.1—and looks good while doing it. Flipboard's tiles complement the style of Windows' live tiles, and the updating cover tile on the homepage is always a nice touch. Though there is no word about what features will be available for the Facebook app, Flipboard said they will offer more details on its app before its launched in a few months time.

With more companies supporting Windows devices, are you going to pick one up?

[via The Verge]