Oddworld HD developers Just Add Water have sent an open letter to Kojima Productions following news that Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima was looking for a Western Dev to remake the original Metal Gear Solid in the Fox Engine.

The team has three reasons for wanting to remake the game, according to their letter: they have worked with and know how to treat “legendary” IP in the form of Oddworld, they have a lot of huge Metal Gear fans on staff, forming a large knowledge base, and they just “really, really” want to do it.

While the “news” that Kojima was actively searching turned out to be the result of a mistranslation, the enigmatic Metal Gear director has since said he would be happy to let an outside developer with the proper “love and passion” remake the original MGS, prompting Just Add Water’s response. What will Kojima think? Time will tell.

via Just Add Water