Police in New York City nailed two barber shops this week for selling cocaine to customers. During the 18-month investigation, undercover officers purchased as much as three pounds of cocaine worth $44,660. A dozen sales reportedly occurred at Noel Barber Shop in the Bronx and police say they bought coke directly from owner Noel Peralta. A press release from the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor says Peralta was aided by "individuals he employs as both barbers and narcotics dealers."

Peralta's supply came from Jose Cruz, owner of Brooklyn's Antonio & Martin Barber Shop. Undercover officers reportedly bought 250 grams of coke from Cruz's shop. Per the press release, one of the undercovers apparently got a haircut during the deal. Why not, right? 

How do you feel when the dude you just laced with a fresh cut slaps the 'cuffs on you afterwards? That has to sting. Also, barber shop arguments are typically ridiculous, so how absurd are barber shop arguments about cocaine?

[via Gothamist]