If you were looking forward to The Avengers 2 featuring more of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Joss Whedon has some bad news for you: The upcoming sequel the 2012 Marvel superhero film will not see the return of everyone's favorite supervillain. 

Whedon revealed the news in a podcast with Empire on Friday. "Everyone is going to be looking for the Loki-Hulk smash moment and you'll be looking for [a 'quim' moment]," he explained. "First of all, imitating what I did before is the surest way to do it not as well. Second of all, Loki's not there to say those terrible things." Fair enough, but stillwe can't help but feel that we've all been Loki'd.

The podcast wasn't all sad news, though: Whedon also revealed a little about his upcoming ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and explained that it'll run parallel to upcoming Marvel films. "It basically opens with the idea that since The Avengers, things have changed. Now everybody knows that there are gods and monsters, and what is the world like? It's about being the people who aren't super and what it is like for them," he said. "There will be people with powers and there will be exciting otherworldly mysteries and all that good stuff, but it's all in the service of finding the humanity of the thing. And [Agent] Coulson was that in the movies; he was the voice of us, the one who says, 'I don't know what's going on - these guys are super, they're from this other place...but we're dealing with it.'"

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[via Indiewire]