Gone is the bold and italic logo of the Motorola of old: Google has just redesigned the mobile company's logo, as it looks to relaunch Motorola's line (and identity) in the coming months. 

The "M" badge has been kept for the redesign, but the all-caps "MOTOROLA" has been tossed out for a lower-cased version, which seems to be all the rage nowadays, like in logos for eBay, MSNBC, Xerox, and Google itself. But, probably most important is the addition of the tagline beneath the logo: "a Google company." The "Google" in the tagline is bold, and not without reason. They want customers to know that this is their company now, which will hopefully give Motorola a little bit more of a cooler edge than when it had in its "Hello, Moto!" days. 

Stay tuned for more as Motorola looks to release its American-made X Phone later this year.

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[via The Verge]