Creators: Matt Groening
Networks (Years): FOX (1989-Present)

Since The Simpsons has hundreds of characters, some of them are gonna be racist. Including, but not limited to: Groundskeeper Willie (angry Scotsman), Bumblebee Man (clumsy Hispanic), Dr. Hibert (all black doctors gotta sound like Cliff Huxtable?), Krusty (self-loathing Jewish comedian), Cooki Kwan (are all Asians this competitive?), Luigi (is his brother's name Mario?), Fat Tony (all Italians are mobsters, huh?), and Cletus (white people have feelings too!). But none of them top Apu Nahasapeemathisisfuckingracistpetilon. Like come on, the guy works 72-hour shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart. Dude, we know plenty of lazy-ass Indians.