Creators: Haim Saban, Shuki Levy
Networks (Years): FOX (1993-1996)

People blame rappers, video games, and movies for fuckin' up their kids, but the Expendables aren't messing your kid up, it's the Power Rangers. Let's just list all the offenses: The pink ranger was a ditsy white girl. The red ranger was Native American. The black ranger was, well, black. The yellow ranger was Asian. Their robot was short, screamed "Ay yi yi!" and his head looked like a sombrero (not to mention he killed a bad guy with flowers once). The white (power!) ranger was the strongest, and he looked like a KKK member in ninja mode. The yellow ranger used to have trouble with her sabertooth vehicle (Asian and female: that's two bad-driver stereotypes!). And finally, whenever the black ranger fights, the song changes from action to a smooth beat that he dances to before kicking ass. C'mon, son. Like you need more proof.