Creators: Larry David
Networks (Years): HBO (2000-Present)

Larry David grandfathered in the racism from Seinfeld and brought it to HBO. In the course of seven seasons Larry has bought a racist dog, mentioned how he "nods" to black people to prove he's one of the "good ones," and even adopted a family of African-American hurricane victims conveniently named "The Blacks." To top it off, Larry got his jungle fever on for a couple of episodes when he hooked up with Vivica A. Fox's character, only to drop her ass two episodes into Season Seven. And even after Fox's character bounces, her brother Leon Black (J.B. Smoove, who takes buffoonery to new levels) keeps mooching off Larry and living in his house-playing into the stereotype that black folk are lazy and don't ever want to leave your house. HBO = Hella Black Oppression!