Portrayed by: Sarah Wayne Callies
Dies in: "Killer Within" (Season 3, Episode 4)

If there’s one thing Walking Dead excels at, it’s redeeming previously annoying characters through extremely brutal deaths. Dale may have been a hovering busybody, but did he really deserve to get gutted like he did on Hershel’s farm? That moment paled in comparison to what the show accomplished in its standout hour “Killer Within,” when it forced us to sympathize with Lori and Carl, the combined bane of every viewer’s attention.

Look, we couldn’t wait for Lori to bite it, or get bitten, but you’re inhuman if you didn’t bat an eye at her sacrificing herself for her unborn child. We were hoping her story would end with her crowd-surfing a zombie mosh pit, not giving her life for one child, resigning her first-born to shoot his own mother in the head to nullify a transformation. And we certainly weren’t expecting the hero’s wife to bite it in the first act of the season, in an episode that already killed off the fan-favorite formerly known as T-Dog.