Portrayed by: Walton Goggins, Michele Hicks
Die in: "Family Meeting" (Season 7, Episode 13)

As soon as Shane betrayed fellow Strike Team member Lem by dropping a grenade in his lap, we were counting down the days until a vengeful Vic would blow him away with that huge .45. We were pumped when the final season finally pitted Vic against Shane, master against the too-attentive student, resulting in Shane going on the run with his wife Mara.

But Mara was pregnant. Vic couldn’t kill her husband and expect her not to snitch him out. We were prepared for a morally challenging showdown, but those expectations did not extend to Shane, at the end of his rope, facing death, or jail time and resigning his son and unborn to a life in the system, to pull a murder-suicide on his whole family. The news even reduced Vic Mackey to a rare moment of silence, as he (and we) wondered how things got so fucked up for a team once as thick as thieves.