Mere days ahead of E3, Microsoft has finally revealed the details regarding the Xbox One and the issues surrounding DRM, used games, and online connectivity.

Sadly, it is mostly all bad news. Here we go:

  • Publishers will allow the sales of used games at 'participating retailers' and will be entitled to a larger cut of whatever second hand sales they allow to occur. Considering publishers were missing out on all of the cash from used games sales, they will now be the ones dictating where and how second hand games will be purchased.
  • Giving games and allowing friends to lend and borrow titles just got way more complicated. Instead of, I don't know, just handing you a game, games are now only able to be given 'once'. Further more, there will be NO lending of titles at the Xbox One launch. Titles will essentially be locked to a single console with Microsoft still "exploring the possibilities with our partners".
  • Remember that 'always on' hullabaloo? Turns out it was all completely worth getting pissed about.  The Xbox One will need to 'check in' online once every 24 hours. Like an overbearing parent, Microsoft has made it nearly impossible for people living abroad, students, and anyone with a lousy Internet connection to fully enjoy the new console. Let's not even get started on what can happen if Microsoft's servers go down.
  • We've learned that the all-seeing Eye of Sauron that is the newly redesigned Kinect can be turned off. Privacy concerns made Microsoft do a 180 on this one and so we guess that can be considered 'good' news, comparatively speaking.

Oy. Microsoft has really managed to generate all of the wrong kinds of attention leading up to E3. E3, by the way, was supposed to be their big moment to wow everyone after their reveal two weeks ago fizzled.

 You can read the full list of privacy and connectivity policies right here. Keep in mind that Sony has yet to fully show their hand with the PS4 and these same features. We will need to see what develops in the PS4 camp in the weeks ahead.

What are you guys thinking? Has this cemented your decision one way or another? Let us know.

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