An enforcer for Mexican drug cartels confessed to 30 killings after being arrested in connection with the death of a man in Alabama. Jose Martinez admitted to killing a man last March, then copped to 29 additional murders. Thanks to his U.S. citizenship, the California resident would track down his employer's delinquent clients. He calmly told investigators "I'm the guy that pays you a visit if you don't pay."

Authorities say that 13 unsolved cases match Martinez's descriptions. Oddly enough, the murder that resulted in his arrest had no ties to the drug game. While working on non-cartel related business, a man named Jose Ruiz reportedly made negative remarks about one of Martinez's co-workers. Unfortunately for Ruiz, that girlfriend just so happened to be Martinez's daughter. His body turned up two months later.

Police are now trying to match unsolved cases all over the country to Martinez's descriptions.

[via Gawker]

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