Mad Men conspiracy theories are running rampant after Megan (Jessica Paré) wore the same t-shirt as the doomed Sharon Tate wore in a famous Esquire photo shoot. Then costume designer Janie Bryant tweeted that it was "no coincidence." 

Creator Matt Weiner is notoriously spoiler-phobic, so we were skeptical that he would allow something like that to get out if it were true. "I don't want to spoil anything for people, but after Lane..." Weiner said this week. "It’s just not part of the show. No one’s going to die. This season. I didn’t say never!"

But what about that shirt? "Yes, Sharon Tate wore that T-shirt, but that was just my costume designer Janie Bryant and I solving an argument," Weiner said. "Women's T-shirts had not come into fashion. I always wanted Megan in a Disneyland T-shirt and Janie kept saying, 'They're not around yet.' So I said, 'There's got to be a women's T-shirt,' and Janie brought [the photo of Tate] in and asked, 'Is this OK?' And I said, 'Yes. I want that exact T-shirt.' Little did I know..."

Ok, Weiner, we're satisfied. For now. Don't think for a second we buy this "it has no significance" thing. This is Mad Men we're talking about; there are no accidents. The penultimate episode of Mad Men airs tomorrow on AMC.

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[via LA Times]