Netflix is getting its Siri-on: The company has just announced that it's releasing its own version of a virtual assistant, which they're calling "Max." 

Max is an on-screen assistant that will ask users a few questions, like the mood they're in, or their movie or television show tastes, and will give them a recommendation based off of those answers, along with previous viewing habits. But it doesn't end there. Max is also the host of "The Ratings Game," where users pick a genre they're currently in the mood for, and Max will display a list of titles the user might want to watch. They, in turn, rate those movies from 1-to-5. Oddly enough, Max will also ask users personalized questions (in his dopey voice, which you can hear in the video above), such as "What do you like better, UFOs or monkeys?" and will give them suggestions off of the answer. It'll probably help when you're trying to decide if you'd like to watch Mighty Joe Young over Signs?

Right now, Netflix has been experimenting the new feature with PS3 owners, and will expand to iPad owners six months to a year from now if all goes well.

[via TechCrunch]