A new pre-order promotion for MechWarrior Online offers players who buy early a chance to grab rare mechs and gear. The game's developer, Piranha Games and Infinite Publishing, launched it's pre-order site today.

Project Phoenix's pre-order program offers a range of "beloved and perk-wielding mechs" from $20 to $80. Packages will be derived to players on Oct. 15 and will include one of four rare mechs as well as tons of in-game items not the least of which will be a 10 percent loyalty point boost, custom-designed mech exteriors and a custom in-game tile and forum badge. Complete perk list can be found at Project Phoenix's website.

Mech pilots who pre-order before July 24 will receive 30 days of premium game time as an early bird bonus. After the period ends, these exteriors and skins will not be made available again; so they say.

MechWarrior Online is currently in open beta and is slated to launch this summer. Filling your mechanical beast quota for the rest of 2013.

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[Via MechWarriorOnline]