Mimi’s new boo thang, Nikko, is the kind of boppa that comes to you the second you end up on a club flyer. I would not be surprised if he wets himself each time he hears, "And we're rolling." You can tell that he studied the show before he decided to approach Mimi. Case in point: When he literally recreated the scene last year in which Karlie Redd had to inform Mimi that Stevie J and Joseline were messing around. This time, Nikko tried to get at Karlie Redd, and after Mimi cursed him out about it, he asked Mimi about a threesome with Karlie. That, too, is a play off a rumor that Joseline, Stevie and Mimi have had threesomes. Nikko, who looks like a rejected member of Dru Hill, is very much the stale store-brand version of Stevie J—and since we’ve already got one clever creep on the cast, we don’t need another. Mimi: Didn’t I already suggest you join an online dating service? 

And y’all, give Karlie Redd a pass on this one. If someone were cheating on you, wouldn’t you want to know? If you say no, uh, love yourself.