If there is a contest between reality TV husbands to see who has lived the longest without a soul, top honors will certainly go out to Kirk. Not at all thrilled with his wife’s pregnancy, Kirk told Rasheeda that he feels her pregnancy was done out of spite. According to him, “[it’s]almost feel like it’s spiteful…like you pretty much did it on purpose and that’s how I really feel.” Worse, he noted in a not so subtle way about abortion: “There’s ways around it.” To him, “I know it don’t sound right, but Rasheeda is a brand in the business.”

Who knew? Meanwhile, Kirk brought his drama over to new BFF Benzino’s house, which was filmed with strippers and fledgling R&B singers in celebration. While Benzino didn’t care for Kirk bringing abortion chatter to a party, he schooled him on the perils of the pullout method and the rudeness of telling your wife to get an abortion, and asked to be the godfather of the child Kirk doesn’t want.