K. Michelle has every right to think every single man with a penis that tilts to the left is gay, but she doesn’t necessarily have to shout it out from the mountain tops or throw out random accusations in radio interviews known for being spread all over the globe. And yet, that’s just what she did as it pertains to Mimi’s boyfriend, not Steebie J aka Nikko. When confronted with this reality, K. Michelle showed no mercy and got even nastier with her so-called friend.

In response, Mimi highlighted that she didn’t have a man, resulting in K. Michelle swinging on her with a bouquet of cheap flowers. Mimi just stood there, looking as if the second security stepped out of the way she was going to knock the pint-size singer with the big backside and even larger mouth all the way back to Memphis.

As entertaining as K. Michelle is, you don’t pull sneak moves on people and scurry away as if nothing happened. It’s probably for the best that she’s reportedly leaving the show because the next time she tries that, she might end up tasting the ground. Love your new single, though, K.