While Square-Enix’s big (alleged) announcement at E3 next week is likely to be a next-gen Final Fantasy, the company is pulling out all the stops in a new trailer for the last game in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy (we think), Lightning Returns. Seemingly taking a page from Final Fantasy XIII-2’s action-RPG-style battle system, players once again play as FFXIII protagonist Lightning, who awakens after the events of the previous two games to a world that has thirteen days left before its end.

In true Square fashion, the trailer is a very contemporary-FF mix of blisteringly beautiful graphics, weirdly nonsensical dialogue, notions of some type of Ragnorok, characters speaking of destiny and some epic battle scenes with giant monsters. No way to tell if it’ll redeem some of the mistakes of XIII and its sequel, but at least Lightning Returns looks like it’s letting this console gen go out with a bang. If whatever next-gen reveal SE has up its sleeve has visuals this nice, FF fans should be in for a treat come next week. But where the hell is Versus XIII?

Via Square Enix