It's been rumored that Naughty Dog's coup de grace for this generation's console, The Last of Us, was going to have some multiplayer function.

We've finally gotten details, and some footage, about the multiplayer modes. The multiplayer modes that Naughty Dog has revealed for The Last of Us so far are Survivors and Factions.

Survivors is an “us against them” scenario pitting teams against one another, while Factions is more of a raid based mode where players will be forced to work together to claim resources or clear enemies within structures.

What we love most about this is the pace. Look at the slow, almost methodical approach to combat. Way less twitch driven and we think a dude gets his brains bashed in with a 2x4. There also seems to be a crafting system in place. Check out the trailer and let us know what you're thinking.

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